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New Tennis Court and Basketball Court Construction
Every tennis court and basketball court is custom built to suit your individual wants and needs. We offer a variety of tennis court and basketball court sizes, court colors and options as well as court surface choices.

Choosing a Surface
One of the most important decisions in planning a tennis court or facility is choosing a surface. 

Tennis courts are commonly classified as "soft courts" and "hard courts".  Soft tennis courts include clay, fast dry, grass and infilled synthetic turf.  Hard tennis courts include asphalt and concrete surfaced with acrylic coatings or covered with sheet goods or modular surfaces.

You can also choose between a resilient (cushioned) or non-resilient (non-cushioned) surface.  When a resilient layer (or layers) of material is applied over an asphalt or concrete court, a cushioned court results.  Cushioned courts provide an all-weather surface for year round play, while softening the effects of pounding from running on a hard surface. 

Another common classification of courts is by their speed.  The speed with which the balls come off the various surfaces and the relative effect of the surface on ball spin - slow medium and fast.  These terms relate to the reaction of the ball hitting the surface, specifically the angle at which the ball comes off the surface.  Generally, the rougher the texture, the more the surface will grip the ball and the slower the surface will play.  Also, the rougher the texture of the court, the more effect will be evident from spin placed in the ball by the player.

All surfaces may be porous or non-porous, with the exception of "clay" which is always porous.

The most popular choice is a hard court made of asphalt or concrete with a coating system. Hard courts tend to be more durable and require relatively low maintenance.

Asphalt Courts
Asphalt courts make up the majority of hard courts.  Asphalt is a liquid material refined from petroleum.

Concrete Courts
Concrete courts are extremely durable with low maintenance costs after initial construction.  Concrete is the product of mixing crushed stone or gravel and sand with Portland cement.

Color Coating Systems for Asphalt and Concrete Courts

The purpose of coating systems is to create a uniform playing surface.....  More to Come.. 

Standard Coating System
This surface is a 100% acrylic latex color-intense sports surface formulated for use over asphalt and concrete. It is ideal for tennis courts, basketball courts and inline hockey rinks. Our most popular choice.

Cushioned Coating System
The cushioned surface combines the same consistency and durability as the standard coating system but adds layers of rubber particles to absorb shock and reduce the impact on a player's body. It is primarily used for tennis courts.

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